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"A remarkable tale of triumphing over adversity and a must read for anyone who dares to dream of a better life."

Michelle Cully

Michelle Cully is a successful business owner, a mother, a wife and a fighter.  For years she was in an abusive relationship that left her physically and emotionally scarred.

At the lowest point in her life she decided to pull herself up and start again. With a high school diploma and zero business experience, she set out to start her own company.

Today she is the CEO of Xpressman Trucking and Courier, a multimillion dollar venture with operations coast to coast. 


Michelle was named “Fabulous at Every Age for the 40’s” by Harper's Bazaar Magazine. Her story of inspiration stood out among thousands of others. She is a sought after public speaker and panelist addressing women’s issues, entrepreneurship and women in business. She is determined to share her story of struggle and sacrifice so others can realize their dreams. 


High Heels in the Laundry Room

The first time he called her a vulgar name, she felt hurt.

The first time he spit in her face, she felt ashamed.

The first time he smashed her head against the wall, she felt nothing.

The first time she believed in herself, she found success.

Michelle Cully thought she’d never amount to anything without her boyfriend. After their abusive relationship ended, she was distraught, sleeping on her sister’s couch and refusing to eat . . . until a crazy idea popped into her head.

With just a high school diploma, zero business experience and very little money, she started a courier company in her parents’ laundry room. Dressed in a suit and heels, she spent her days delivering packages all over Boston, or cold-calling as the laundry tumbled beside her. While she was building her business, she was also rebuilding herself. 

Today, Michelle is a successful entrepreneur and powerful female CEO in a male-dominated industry. The small company she built is now Xpressman Trucking & Courier, a multi-million-dollar venture with operations from coast to coast.

High Heels in the Laundry Room is a raw look at how what nearly breaks us can make us stronger. Michelle’s courageous journey will make you laugh, cry, and reflect, and is a must-read for anyone with a wild dream who dares to hope a better life is possible.


“Michelle is a bold and fearless leader who reminds us we can overcome any obstacle with confidence and perseverance. Her drive is contagious and will empower women and girls to think bigger!”


Founder, EmpowerHER


Michelle is a sought after keynote speaker and panelist with a unique perspective on business and women's issues. Audiences embrace her story because it is real, relatable and relevant.

Michelle speaks on: ​

  • Overcoming adversity 

  • Finding your purpose 

  • Gender diversity 

  • Compassionate leadership

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